What You Should Know About Candle Wax Melters


So December is here again and things are starting to have a buzz especially in the candle industry. Being a festive season, the number of people that consume wax candles is increasing by the day. This creates the absolute opportunity for investors to get started in the candle wax business and especially to learn the nitty-gritties of candle wax melting. When you observe a candle closely, everything on this product appears very simplistic. It almost seems that anyone can make a candle almost effortlessly. This is however far from the case. With time, you realize that candle manufacture happens to be in the same industry as cosmetic machinery suppliers, industrial soap making equipment and cosmetic cream manufacturing equipment. This is the reason why you need to be very careful when buying a commercial candle wax melter. The answer to your candle making is based on how well you are able to choose the commercial candle wax melter. The following guide should get you started on choosing the right commercial candle wax melter.

Where to Start
Your initial starting point when it comes to buying the best wax melter is by establishing the size of the melter that you need for your candle making. If you are just starting out in the candle melting business, there is always the option of melting a large batch of wax in different scents and then just melting them into a single flavor. This strategy works if you are a hobbyist or an enthusiast in candle making. However, making candles professionally or for commercial purpose requires you to get into some intricate processes surrounding candle making-the first being finding the right-sized commercial candle wax melter. For business purpose-the best size for a candle melter should be 100-lb melter. There is also the likelihood that there are people who start out in candle making as hobbyist but later want to turn the venture into a business. In such a situation, it is assumed that you already have a candle melter. If the melter does not serve your business pursuit, you can buy a larger commercial candle wax melter and feed it to your existing melter in order to increase the melting capabilities of the melters.

Safety and Maintenance
Not a lot is required in terms of maintaining large wax melters. This means that your large wax melter can offer you reliable performance for a long period of time. What happens is that after processing your first batch of candles, you can simply wipe the melter while you prepare a new batch. Sounds easy right? Cleaning the inside of the melters does not mean that you get right into the job after the first batch is ready. You need to take some protective measures while you are at it. For starters, the inside of the melter is extremely hot. This means that you have to wear some form of protective gear such as gloves when doing the cleaning. Try starting out with lighter scents that can easily go away after cleaning. For instance, you can start with a batch of vanilla candles, and then move to cinnamon and finish the task with apple-pie. If you are using hard water during wax melting, at least make sure that you are using distilled water so that your candles can have a greater life element. In the event of complex mechanical issues, call a qualified profession to assist you especially if you have little information regarding what electricity capacity is right for wax melting.

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